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Hailed as a “prescription for passion” by some and condemned as the “rage steroid” by others, testosterone is the most celebrated, feared and misunderstood of all hormones. Women have Testosterone also, and yes, women need testosterone as well. Naturally the amount required is considerably less than a male, however it is still essential for optimal health, vitality and libido.

Our culture lauds this substance’s leading role in male virility and casts it as the villain in acts of violent crime. In truth, testosterone is neither miracle nor monster, but rather, a key player in the complex chemistry of human hormones. When balanced by other hormones, testosterone, also known as androgen, plays a lead role in the health and well-being of both sexes. These days, many menopausal women are turning to testosterone to provide what estrogen alone can’t – renewed sexual desire. Many Physicians believe testosterone therapy is a major breakthrough for midlife women. Understanding that testosterone deficiency may be to blame for a loss of interest in sex in an otherwise happy relationship could prevent much unnecessary anguish.

Just as men’s bodies manufacture small amounts of estrogen, women’s bodies produce testosterone through the ovaries and adrenal glands. A multi-talented hormone, testosterone boosts both libido and energy, maintains muscle mass, supports cognitive function, strengthens bone, and helps elevate mood. These are the most prominent effects. By age 40, women produce about half the testosterone we did in our twenties. These levels drop further still with the onset of menopause or for women who have had their ovaries removed. Many clinicians believe that the diminished energy, decreased sexual desire and “flatness” of mood that some women experience during and after menopause are directly related to declining levels of testosterone.

Below are some of the many reasons that we supplement testosterone along with progesterone and/or estrogens:

1. Works to increase metabolism, thereby causes weight loss.
2. Increases Libido, sex drive.
3. Maintains muscle mass.
4. Strengthens bones.
5. Elevates mood, lessens depression.
6. Supports cognitive function.
7. Helps to make smoother softer skin.
8. Improves vaginal dryness.

These are the benefits that most women feel. Of course results may vary, as everyone is different, and you may notice other benefits as well.