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C. Rooks Testimonial
After my hysterectomy at 37 I tried every type of hormone therapy there was. None seemed too work I became depressed, gained 80 pounds and became a different person, the HRT did not seem to work for me. I would see others that appeared to have no changes in their lifestyles. I was no longer the positive energetic person I once was. I did finally go on the estrogen shot which helped some but I was still not myself.

I felt like I was crazy and out of control. I became extremely irritable all the time, I was not sleeping at night, had night sweats and hot flashes during the day, I could not focus, nor think logically, the slightest thing would set me off into tears or into a panic. People would ask me if I was well, I had dark circles under my eyes, had no energy and unmotivated. I felt like death warmed over No matter what I did I could not loose the weight and was constantly craving food and sweets. I was on a plane and a woman was talking to me about Live Well MD and Dr. Gary C. Bernard. I started researching and thought what did I have to loose? I thought I had everything to gain, my husband kept saying where is the person I married? We constantly bickered and nothing he did was right.

After researching the Live Well MD website and taking the quiz, I realized there was hope and that what I was experiencing was hormone related. I was excited about the natural hormones and that they are matched to what is right for you and they are completely natural.

After just one month I noticed a significant difference in myself and after 3 months I was myself again. I have lost weight, I no longer have the constant food cravings, The dark circles are gone, I have the spark back in my life, my husband says that I am no longer a monster but the positive and motivated person he met and married. I can focus at work, think clearly, and sleep through the night, no more hot flashes or night sweats. The natural hormone therapy saved my life; my coworkers, kids and family notices the difference. I know now that at 42 I am not crazy it was just a hormone imbalance. Thanks to the natural hormone therapy treatments my husband has his wife back, my kids have their mother back and I look forward to getting up each day.

Statement on Live Well MD & Dr. Gary C. Bernard by C. Rooks. Permission obtained from Ms. Rooks for distribution.

G. Smith Testimonial
In January of 2007 my wife was discussing some health issues with a church friend. She had been suffering the common symptoms of Menopause for many years and had also developed a troubling and frequent rapid heartbeat. She had refused conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) because of the risk of developing breast cancer. Our friend told her of a doctor she was seeing in our home town that specialized in an alternative form of HRT called Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). The friend said his name was Dr. Gary Bernard and that he practiced internal medicine. With this recommendation, my wife made an appointment with Dr. Bernard and saw him for the first time in February of 2007. After several visits, a series of tests and lab work, Dr. Bernard began HRT. He also diagnosed her rapid heartbeat as Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) and began treatment. But this was not all, for the extensive testing and, lab work and detailed exams revealed that my wife also has Osteoperosis and Hypothyroidism, which are now being treated. Today her health is greatly improved. The HRT along with the treatments for her other conditions have given her a feeling of wellness. She is happier, healthier (physically and mentally), and has more energy and vitality.

But that was only half of the story!!! I tagged along on one of her visits to Dr. Bernard so I could meet him and ask some questions concerning her condition. At the end of her exam, he turned to me and asked if I was one of his patients. I told him no and he suggested that I make an appointment. Since I had not seen a doctor for several years, had gained weight and was not feeling my old self, I decided to make the appointment. Little did I know that this fateful meeting would turn out to be life saving. To make a long account shorter, Dr. Bernard noticed that I had an abnormal skin color when we first met. After a detailed exam, he ordered blood work, a bone density test, an Echocardiogram, and (because of my age) suggested that I have a Nuclear Stress Test, a Colonoscopy, and a Sleep Study. Over the next few months, Dr. Bernard diagnosed me with elevated Cholesteral, Andropause, a male hormone imbalance that I knew little about, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He started me on HRT for low testosterone and prescribed supplements to help reduce the blood cholesteral levels. The Sleep Apnea is now under control with the use of a CPAP System.

But the greatest surprise came when the results of the Nuclear Stress Test were abnormal. Though I had none of the normal symptoms, a Heart Catheterization would later reveal four coronary blockages, two of which were major and life threatening. Coronary Bypass Surgery was performed just in time!!

Today I feel better than I have for many years. The HRT has helped me with gettingmy strength back after surgery, controlling my weight, and managing the other health issues that I have. I truly believe that meeting Dr. Bernard was part of Gods providential care and blessing for me and my wife. His talent, interest in his patients, and a willingness to consider and provide alternative medicine has helped us greatly.

G. Smith Orange Park, FL

K. Downs Testimonial
I wanted to take a moment to put into words how much my life has changed since starting hormone replacement therapy through your office. In my early 40’s I lost my energy and my zest for life. I was really tired, was losing my hair, losing sleep with terrible hot flashes and gaining weight to name a few symptoms. I thought I was too young to be going through menopause. After putting up with it for a couple of years, I was introduced to Suzanne Somers’ book “The Sexy Years” and got on line and did some research and found your practice.

A couple of months after starting on the hormones I had hair growing back which looked healthy, I lost weight, my skin looked at least 5-10 years younger, my gums which were starting to recede became much more healthy and I stopped having nightly hot flashes. To state it rather simply I felt like I did when I was in my 30’s which were my best years. I tell all of my friends about the hormone replacement therapy when they are astounded by my age.I have not noticed one singlenegative sideaffect from this and recommend it to all of my friends in similar circumstances.

One thing that is interesting is that my GYN said that menopause is something to be embraced and was not in favor of this treatment, though she could not give me any valid reasons. It was at this point that I realized that there is probably quite a division between medical providers on this topic. I believe that as we age it is important to have quality of life not just longevity. I’d much rather have a great quality of life that is shorter if needs be than a long life that is without energy and vitality. If I can have both so much the better!

Please feel free to share my thoughts with prospective patients, you guys have been great to deal with.

Thanks again,
K. Downs