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The information here is intended to briefly explain what all the various hormones that we utilize in HRT and what benefits you may notice from them. Many will appear to overlap in what they do or are responsible for. That is due to the fact that all of our hormones are connected, much like a symphony that produces beautiful music when all are in tune and playing together.

All of us have the same hormones, but all in varying amounts. Women have more estrogen or progesterone, and men have more testosterone. The opposite is true too, men gain estrogens and women have testosterone also. The amount present in your system is the critical factor. The Balance of these hormones is what Hormone Therapy is all about. Our bodies still need these hormones as we age in order to live a comfortable life enhancing how we feel physically and emotionally.

Hormone Replacement not only treats the symptoms of Menopause and Andropause safe and effectively, they are also a vital part of good health.

Your body’s hormones are essential to your heath and wellness. Hormones are the communication network in your body that controls how almost all processes of your body function. The right balance of hormones can make you feel absolutely great, or if you are in a state of hormonal imbalance it can cause you to feel older than you are and can strongly contribute to the development of many types of ill health.

Just think about it. When did you feel your absolute best? Likely the answer would be in your early twenties, when your hormonal production was at its peak. Time, environmental factors, surgeries start a decline in hormone production, and therefore you feel the effects of growing old. There is no need to say to yourself I am getting older, that is how I am supposed to feel! Hormone Therapy can improve your quality of life too.


THE BEST PART of Hormone Replacement is that it is all natural. No synthetic chemicals are used. Your natural hormones are restored to the appropriate level to eliminate all the symptoms you may be having, aid in the prevention of disease development, provide you a better quality of life and feel good all over again even as time marches on.

Join our team of experts and feel the BENEFITS OF COMPLETE HORMONAL BALANCE!