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Natural progesterone is made by the ovaries prior to menopause and by the adrenal glands and fat cells after menopause and is the precursor for natural estrogen. It is the single most important hormone in the female body.

When the female body fails to produce enough progesterone between ovulation and menstruation and during menopause, natural progesterone can address the underlying cause of most symptoms.

Because the female body uses natural progesterone to make natural estrogen, a properly formulated natural progesterone cream is the natural safe choice for menstruating women and for post-menopausal women seeking to establish the correct balance of their two primary female hormones.

This balance of natural progesterone and natural estrogens will protect them from the effects of the condition known as “estrogen dominance”.

The resultant benefits of natural progesterone include:

1. Helps use fat for energy
2. Facilitates thyroid hormone action
3. Natural anti-depressant
4. Natural diuretic
5. Normalizes blood sugar levels
6. Restores proper cell oxygen levels
7. Restores libido
8. Normalizes menstrual cycle
9. Normalizes zinc & copper levels
10. Normalizes blood clotting
11. Protects against breast fibrocysts
12. Helps protect epithelial cells against breast cancer
13. Helps prevents endometrial cancer
14. Helps prevent ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer
15. Precursor for cortisone production (arthritis)
16. Stimulates osteoblast cells (osteoporosis reversal)
17. Promotes a better quality sleep.

As Estrogen is the prominent female hormone natural progesterone must be present in the appropriate amount to counterbalance the effects of too much estrogen. This helps prevent Estrogen Dominance.