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Founded in 2008, Live Well MD is a network of highly trained, physician-owned practices specializing in Hormone Replacement Therapy integrated with fitness and nutrition for men and women suffering from Menopause and Andropause, Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Stress/Fatigue or any other state of hormonal imbalance. Learn how Sleep Apnea, Type II Diabetes, Elevated Lipids, and Metabolic Syndrome, to name a few, can be related to hormonal imbalances and effectively treated by hormone supplementation. You CAN provide truly proactive, preventative medical approach and not just practice reactive medicine. Client retention is unparalleled, since a happy patient will come back and also increase your referrals by word of mouth alone, the best marketing scheme that there is.

We currently have 8 offices open with many future locations planned. We can help you successfully start and grow your practice utilizing Hormone Replacement Therapy for a nominal investment. Dr. Gary C. Bernard MD, CEO of LIVE WELL MD, believes so strongly in the benefits of this therapy, and has consistently seen virtually 100% success over the years with his clients, that he has structured this program to be surprisingly affordable.

Getting Started

Starting a new practice or transitioning an existing one is risky. Studies show 90% of new businesses fail within three years. With Live Well MD as your partner you will minimize the risk and maximize your profits. If you have any interest in improving your revenues and improving your patients’ quality of life with a very minimal expenditure please fill out the form below and a Live Well MD representative will contact you.


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